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- - By dobedobedo Date 24-07-2012 00:24
Has been stalling at the lights for a while now, but I have lived with blipping the throttle.  Now it has started to misfire really badly and I can't risk taking it out.  I think it's 2 problems - that damned injector cable again and the valves.  I think it was bolt-on-billy who a few months ago put up an eBay link to new injector connectors  - 6 for a tenner or something similar, but I have searched the forum without success.  Once I have fixed that I will have to worry about the valves.  Just when it stopped raining...
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 24-07-2012 02:51
start it and leave it running, if it stalls on its own then its the valves. which I think it most most likely is as if it was the wiring it would cut out on bumps. saying it cuts on lights and low revs is a telltale. hopefully its catchable.

do you want a visit?
Parent - - By dobedobedo Date 24-07-2012 20:11
I agree, the main problem is almost certainly the valves.  I would much appreciate it if you could take a look.  I can probably make it over to you, I'm in Highgate N6  - aren't you out west?
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 24-07-2012 21:19
yes, but I'm used to the run in for those in peril of local mechanics rates. unless you stuck to 30 mph it probably wouldn't make it here. 100 constant miles will kill a valve which makes the job considerably more difficult. as it stands it wont be so bad just the cost of shims which is bad enough.

when was it last serviced?
Parent - - By aware Date 25-07-2012 06:25
Don't underestimate a worn out spark plug
Parent - - By dobedobedo Date 25-07-2012 08:35
If you can make it to Highgate I would be hugely grateful. Can you give me a ring on 07967 555522. 

It was serviced 2 months ago and a new NGK CR8E plug was fitted.  The are a good general garage but not C1 experts.

Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 25-07-2012 11:23
shouldn't make a difference as you would have had at most an oil change, variator and brake check. they will know about valve checks but not on these and if they did I doubt they would have checked em.

and yes a spark plug can cause issues, a loose plug will cause compression stalls and a bad cap will stop it starting :-)
Parent - - By dobedobedo Date 25-07-2012 23:24
Yes, I don't think valves are their strong point.  If you have the time, your help would be much appreciated.
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 26-07-2012 19:22
PM sent, doing a service/maintenance call on stu up the road sunday which will take 3-4 hours probably then I will pop down your way, hopefully you'll be back as normal for monday.

I'll need a full address though.
Parent - By dobedobedo Date 26-07-2012 23:33
Thanks Dave, PM sent, hope to see you on Sunday after.
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