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- - By samaky Date 22-10-2012 12:06
Hi Guys; although I've been in the C1ub for some while now I only recently (OK - last Nov!) took the plunge and bought my funky '03 125 Exec (ABS) in silver - from a former C1ub member - so I'm something of a novice!!
And as an elderly convert to 2-wheels I haven't the experience to spot the issues!
So much so that when I took her for her MOT I fully expected her to sail through!!! WRONG!!! VERY, VERY WRONG!!

The sharp-eyed tester spotted that both the alloy caps on the forks had been
a) secured with Jubilee clips
b) were pushed up the fork legs.
To my horror he also put an advisory on the O/S/R shock!

So I need to access your collective wisdom on the following, please, as I have neither the skill nor facilities to spanner for myself:

1) where in London (I'm in Clapham) would be best to take the bike for this work to be done? I've been alarmed by some of the horror stories & as a newbie am alert to the risk of being financially raped!!
2) there was a mobile m/c mech based in N.E. Surrey (Motech??) that used to work on C1s - is he still around? Anyone know if he's any good?? Economical??
3) if I have to go down the 'professional' route & take it to a mechanic, what should I budget for??
4) what are the points to look out for in all of this??
5) I need to get this done ASAP - MOT expires Weds & tax shortly thereafter - so if there was a kindly soul out there who could instruct & I could assist I'd welcome knowing; expenses & real ale in return???? I *might* be able to access a small garage or use the rugby club car park + awning if this would help.

I also need to sort out servicing & lighting but will post separately on these.

Any input - however cynical/funny/cryptic etc. - is hugely appreciated!!
Parent - By jeb Date 22-10-2012 13:04 Edited 22-10-2012 13:30
the jubilee clips that you mention may not be a fault at all.  many owners put these clips on as a precuationary measure to stop the aluminium caps cracking which they have been known to do.   the alloy caps hold the fork oil seals so if there are no leaks really cant see a problem.
what is the caution on the rear shock for.      can only be oil leak or perished rubber bushing in the top fixing,   really not a big deal as you can buy a used one off the club parts dept very reasonable
with regard to the caps lifting   this is unusal,  you can check if this has happened by measuring the distance between the lower edge of the cap to the upper edge of the aluminium lower fork brace   this should be about 230mm.   if the measurement is close to this then the caps have not lifted.     if they had lifted you would almost certainly have oil running down the fork leg so worth checking.
Parent - By C1200 Date 22-10-2012 16:33 Edited 22-10-2012 16:46
Dont use chasbikes whatever you do,go to someone reputable who wont rip you off instead.Also,what you have is no big deal..It is a 20 min job to change the rear shocker,just two bolts top and bottom,easy peasy lemon squeezy, and as its an advisory,dont panic.They often go and it,s common.The fork caps are secured often with these clips to stop the ally caps splitting as John says.Again common practice.If there isnt any oil leaking,whats the bloke on about I wonder? These are things that I could sort easily for you,but a shame not close enough to help or I would be over quickly to assist,I always think that people take advantage when you know nothing about spanners and its a shame.Good luck.This C1 Club site has second hand shocks for sale very reasonably too.Dont buy new bmw OE ones..get secondhand from clubsite..Even with a secondhand unit from a dealer it only takes little time to change so should be cheapish.As for lights and farkles and a service,oil change,brakes check etc,stick it in a van and bring it up here,I will do it all for you. Alternatively Dave,BoB does a good travelling service sometimes when he,s around those parts..
Parent - - By Drynotwet Date 22-10-2012 16:40
Just seconding both sets Of advice above.
If no leak from front forks, there's no issue it's just precautionary.
Rear shock-20 minute job tops. PrObably less.
Parent - By C1200 Date 22-10-2012 16:42
Parent - By Muddi Camel Date 22-10-2012 16:51
Hi, Sorry to hear about the shock!  (excuse the pun)

Anyway, there is an old school bike place next the clapham jcn rail that actually used to own their own C1.  They've mot'd mine before & are familiar with them.  That's the key really, until you find a tester familiar with them, you can bet that they'll break the stand cam and/or fail it on something really tenuous.

I don't know whether the guys in clapham will still work on c1's, but they'll certainly test them still.  By the sounds of it though, there's actually little to worry about, but as mentioned before, have a quick look yourself.

Good luck!
Parent - - By samaky Date 22-10-2012 19:31
Hi All
Thanks for the rapid replies & sage advice!! Jubilee clip story noted - but methinks the caps have prob. gone already!

Muddi:- Guess what?? Its Russell Motors on Falcon Road, Clapham Jct. who failed it!! Nice guys, said they'd had a C1 for collecting spares and knew all about the bikes but it was that insight that led them to look up under the fairing!! They don't work on them any more & were reluctant to recommend a mech.! But they certainly do a good line in putting the sh*t up newbies though, with dire warnings of steering induced crashes!!!

I'll have a close look as to whether there's oil on the forks but, given that they said they'd pushed them back down and I've only ridden it back home - abt 1 mile, I doubt I'll see much!

C1200: I'd gathered Chav's were a nightmare - I'll steer clear! Thanks for the offer - "stick it in a van" suggests you might be some distance away!! I'd really like to take advantage of your kindness but where exactly are you? And what's that last bit - about travelling service?? Is that through the Club?

JEB: I gathered from the tester (& his twin brother) that, when examined, both caps were some way up the tubes. The Refusal panel says 1) OSF shock seal failed & leaking oil 2) OSF suspension has inadequate repair of load bearing member!!

OSR shock had/has a thick coating of crud & haven't had the heart or time to really have a close look - but I'm moderately chilled about that one. I figure I'll sort it our when funds are more plentiful!! Would it be worth eventually going for Hagons @ £159.99/pair??

DNW - for you maybe but for a klutz like me make that 20 HOURS!!!

I've taken the plunge & booked into J&G on Fri - Steve's quoted me £250+vat for the front forks work, which is painful!! Is it reasonable though - £150 lab (2.5hrs), £100 parts???

p.s. Hope you're all getting this - not quite certain yet how to reply to multiple posts!!
Parent - By C1200 Date 22-10-2012 19:50 Edited 22-10-2012 20:57
The travelling service is something that BoB has built himself up over time,he gets around quite a bit and does repair jobs on his travels,he is very good,well at least you are sorted,thats the pain of C1,ing I,m afraid when you dont have access to resources unfortunately.It is a simple job to remove dash and gain access to the forks,there is very little in there to cause problems really,it can only be misplaced/worn caps and seals.Incidentally there are two sets of seals I think,one under the ally caps,and then the main fork seals.What parts exactly is he quoting £100 for?They are about £17.00 a set from bmw ,I know having bought some a few weeks ago.If ally caps are beyond repair,then they are around $40 each nearly..ouch..silly money,and were largely unavail last year from stock. Secondhand good rear shocks are around £20/25 each I have seen for,youre right,Hagons are the best and have 3 way adjustment with a marked improvement in ride smoothness,fit and forget,theyre that good, but that fork estimate alone does seem alot of money,but its is London labour rates I guess............
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 22-10-2012 21:56 Edited 22-10-2012 22:01
so the caps had been clipped but ended up the sliders.

if the caps are in position and clamped up with decent clamps then they should both stay in position and prevent leaks. you need exhaust clamps though not jubilee clips as they aren't strong enough.

the oil in the forks doesn't do a lot but there is enough pressure to squirt it about a bit. it might be worth refilling them if they have sent a lot out over time.

take the clips off and see if the caps are cracked, if so they will pop on easy enough. then you want some mikalor 47-51mm exhaust clamps off ebay and a 10mm spanner. clamp at the base of the cap and it should grip nice and tight, put the crack at the back of you want. clean forks off then ride for a bit to see if anything weeps out. if you want to you could double the clamp up but if it weeps onto the slider then its either the inner seal or some fluid trapped between the two seals which is blowing out.

to service forks I drop the whole bottom section from the yoke usually with a bike lift as its much quicker than the other two ways and gets around seized bolts. without a lift I reckon you could walk the bike up on the front stand over a kerb to get clearance.

caps are expensive (they were 28 quid  ea but bmw are getting silly now) and usually on back order.

I would have done the cheap fix first and seen if they accepted it before booking it in anywhere, at least their labour rate isn't disastrously expensive. cant say whether they are padding it out as they probably do it different to me.

rear shocks do go and the crud is a sign of it, oem shocks are about 60 quid. bmw 145 ea (before price hike) hagons about that for a pair. 365mm fork eye shocks 10mm eye 8mm fork.

my day rate is £150 plus bits regardless of what work I do on it. forks, service and lights would take about a day. spoken for this week though.
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