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- - By nokon Date 09-11-2012 22:13
I have a starting problem. For the past few weeks, my C1-200's starter seemed to have a hard time getting through the first compression cycle, but would then break through and start the motor handily. I thought that the battery was getting a little weak. Then two days ago after work, the C1 cranked a little and then slowed to a stop like a dead battery. The next day, I connected my trickle charger, which claimed the battery was fully charged within just a few minutes. The horn blows perfectly, and a voltmeter shows no appreciable drop when either blowing the horn or pressing the starter button. The starter relay is clicking quite nicely, not "buzzing". Yet, the starter motor is now not turning at all. 

I applied a charger with a hi-amp "starting" setting to the battery circuit, and the starter turned very slowly a few times and stopped. Repeated attempts produced no motion at all. I then applied the charger directly to the starter's positive connection. The motor did not turn. Could this situation be caused by anything other than a starter motor failure? Thanks in advance, Kurt
Parent - - By Drynotwet Date 10-11-2012 12:38
In my opiniNiOn, no. It's a dead starter.
Parent - - By nokon Date 10-11-2012 14:25
Thanks! Is it possible to remove the starter without removing the side panels, or the whole motor (haha)....
Parent - By C1200 Date 10-11-2012 17:08
Yes the starter is dead.The oil contaminates the brushes and degrades them over time.Easy enough,its two bolts,undo the starter main lead, and tap it out firmly from the brake disc side of bike.It may be stubborn due to ally corrosion on case.My friend does have a recon starter, he is the expert at reconditioning them,when spares are available that is,but new are very expensive now unfortunately.
Parent - By Drynotwet Date 10-11-2012 18:02
Be very careful if you try to open the starter. It is easy to ruin them, and then nobody will want it as an exchange for a reconditioned one.
If you don't know what you're doing inside the motor, don't break it finding out! (
(and I don't know how to fix them inside!)
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