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- - By C1200 Date 16-11-2012 15:03 Edited 16-11-2012 15:06
Please see forum as its posted all on there,but simply I need to know what coloured wire goes to what  as I have removed the blue 14pin multi block under the dash as it was playing up and thrown it out altogether and such as it is I cannot see what goes where and also some wires are left over that do not match up to other words I,ve ballsed this one up..any ideas please from another dash to see what needs to go where before I try it and fuse the damn lot! I thought it was going to be a straight like for like but oh isnt!  I just need some kind soul to look under their dash and tell me what colour links up to what colour please! Yes I know why didnt i write it down beforhand,answer is I was stupid and thought they were all matching up.
Parent - - By aware Date 17-11-2012 16:59
I can take a picture if this is of any help.
Parent - - By C1200 Date 17-11-2012 19:02
Please Al....But it must be from an ABS bike...I have connected up as per Gerards, instructions,but that is from a non abs model..So if you can tell me further wire for wire what colour goes where that would be good!..

I have left over on the DASH(Clocks) side..a Yellow....and a Black/White.
                      on the main LOOM(Bike) side.....a red/black   a brown/black  and a purple/yellow..
Any ideas?
Parent - - By aware Date 18-11-2012 10:48
I will post pictures
If you need more info tell me please
It's abs model
Parent - - By aware Date 18-11-2012 11:54
I took some pictures but there is no much visibility what colors the cables have that are mounted on the white back cover of the dash.
if these are that you need extra info on, then please consider some lettering on the white cover which denotes the colors of the cables that fit.
Parent - - By C1200 Date 18-11-2012 17:15 Edited 18-11-2012 18:04
No al..As I said Its the wires that come FROM the dash,that connect INTO the Blue Plug..Just need to look at the Blue Plug and see which color wire connects to which........ :-)
Parent - - By aware Date 18-11-2012 17:43 Edited 18-11-2012 17:49
Sorry it's just that English isn't my native language.
I will post what I have.
In the next hour since I have slow internet connection now.
Parent - - By C1200 Date 18-11-2012 18:04
English isnt mine either!...THANKS :-)
Parent - - By aware Date 18-11-2012 19:40 Edited 18-11-2012 19:46
took many pictures.
I don't understand exactly which plug is the one.
I post now a picture that I am sure and sad that is useless to you.
Parent - - By C1200 Date 18-11-2012 20:09
It is very kind of you to try and help al..:-) the kind thought is there my friend it is the blue one,but I really need to know what colour wire goes each side of it
Parent - - By aware Date 19-11-2012 09:24
I can't mess with anything there. Our bike is full of surprises so I don't want to risk my already tired neurological system ....
Parent - By C1200 Date 24-11-2012 12:18 Edited 24-11-2012 12:21
Al,all sorted now and everything back to normal,abs and speedo fine..turned out it was the front wheel sensor that was playing up,but in defence of my stupidity with the blue plug,it did have three or four corroded connections on those silly little pin connectors,and when I fiddled around with the plug,the speedo kept flickering up and down on its own,so I guess there was a problem there anyway.Thanks Gerard for the wiring diagram :-)
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