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- - By aware Date 14-11-2013 13:00
OK last November I had to fix the broken sprag clutch 
This November my bike remembered me again, how sweet ...
Water temperature light goes on
Out is very cold but this doesn't mean anything
I stop and listen to the thermostat doing some nice click and clack sounds
I drive to home carefully and calmly
Light goes off, why I have no idea
When at home I can smell the engine sweat
No smoke, just a hot smell
And now I would like to get your advice please
A. Is it OK to drive or I may face irreversible results
B. Should I take out the thermostat and try to fix
C. How worried should I be?...

Thanks in advance for any input
I really need some insight

Parent - - By aware Date 14-11-2013 20:38 Edited 15-11-2013 18:06
I would like to ask whether or not is bad sign that there is no flow of water from the hoses (I can see it since I have removed the thermostat) while the engine is running?
Parent - - By aware Date 16-11-2013 12:07
1. I fitted the modified thermostat
2. It seems to be working, however the flow isn't definitely strong enough to circulate through the radiator.
3. I did 10+ nipple unscrews and every single time there is air coming out, not steam but air
4. I had the nipple unscrewed and there was a continuous air flow. Non stop for more than 5 minutes and I had to stop the engine because the light went on again
It seems that there is OR huge amount of air inside the circuit OR the water pump isn't strong enough
What should I do next, this process of taking air out is infinite......
Parent - By Ewok Date 20-11-2013 21:45
Really strange you are getting so much air out - that would imply it's being forced in. I'm thinking head gasket possibly? No water in the oil?
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